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Name Your Champion

Yesterday was a dark day at Bird.

Mondays are difficult at the best of times, but sometimes something so extraordinarily awful happens that you question why you even bothered getting out of bed. In a single sentence, our hive of upbeat post-weekend banter became clouded with gloom and overcome with crippling anguish about our immediate futures.

“Game of Thrones isn’t on tonight.”

Not only were we stripped of the light at the end of our start-of-the-week tunnel but our Monday night routines were ruined. Now what were we meant to do when we got home from work? Read a book? Spend time with our loved ones? No. Boring. Don’t be ridiculous. So we filled the void in a way only a bunch of designers could – Westeros scenarios with a design geek influence:

If you were facing a graphic design trial by combat, who would you name your champion?

You’ve allegedly set your bleed to “murder” on your nightmare of an annual report and you’re facing an unforgiving client with an unrealistic deadline and a penchant for incest. Let’s face it, you’ve got no chance. It’s time to push the margins. You call for a trial by combat and now it’s time to cast your gaze throughout the Seven Kingdoms and across the Narrow Sea. It’s time to name your champion.

We’d want a champion who put up a clean fight. Someone who’d spent years – decades – working on their skills and perfecting the basic essentials. After all, there’s no point wielding flashy sword skillz if you can’t stand on your own two feet. That rules you out, Parallax Lannister. We’d want someone whose battle plan was calculated, methodical and concise. Someone who was generous with their craft – who wasn’t afraid to teach or share their knowledge with others. There’s no confidence in secrecy.

So it should come as no surprise who Bird named as our champion. Because, really, who better than the King of the Grids?

Step forward, Lord Josef Müller-Brockmann.

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